Our Company Data

With our unique data acquisition strategy, including our own proprietary web scraper that captures publicly-available data from websites, we’re able to discover new private companies before our competitors. We further use machine learning to verify whether sites are actual businesses. 

While we cover companies all over the world, we have a specific regional focus on US, Japanese, and Chinese markets.

We are industry-agnostic when it comes to the business sectors of the companies in our database. However, due to our data acquisition methods and market trends, a large portion of our companies are often in the software industry.

With coverage of over 700 unique industries in our database, we’ve organized them with our own taxonomy so you can find the companies you want as quickly as possible. 

Why Kurrant.ai is better than our competitors

When it comes to the best discovery features driven by AI, there is no alternative to Kurrant.ai. Compared to the competitors, we offer a complete data-driven package at a fraction of the price. Your next deal is waiting for you.

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Recommendations specific to your investment opportunities using a proven AI-algorithm.
AI-generated insights directly from private companies themselves. Understand their business model and revenue stream at a glance.
First in line to capture private, middle market company data via our AI-enhanced web scraper.
Intuitive and comprehensive filters across all our data points to give you control over what you see, including advanced keyword filters. Save searches for quick access to thematic sourcing. 
Generous monthly data export allowances so you can use Kurrant.ai data anywhere you want. Interested in a custom data package? Sure thing, just get in touch.

The Rest

Generic, opaque company rankings based on unknown factors that have nothing to do with your investment thesis. 
Basic data leaving you to do the research and interpret what a company does and how it earns money. 
Reliance on traditional data acquisition methods means limited access to private company data.
Awkward filters that take forever to set up only to leave you with insubstantial search capabilities.
Strict data limits tying you to their platform and leaving no options for you to do external company analysis.