How’s custom AI scoring technology works: has created a proven*, unique company scoring algorithm that considers over 200 data end-points when evaluating a company. Our AI uncovers hidden patterns and relationships between the best companies in your portfolio so you can spend less time searching and more time evaluating.

*Scoring models developed using XGBoost prove to be more accurate than the median and average VC when it comes to choosing a successful investment.

Day 1

After completing your unique Investment Profile, AI company ratings are automatically generated and best-fit companies are shown to you first.

Day 30 retrains its AI based on your feedback, as well as from new data on existing companies or new companies that have entered into our database.

Day 31+ produces new and improved company recommendations unique to your investment thesis, learning continuously from new data and, most importantly, your feedback.

Intelligent Company Discovery – Catered to You

Firms invest an average of $500,000 dollars annually in developing internal company data and deal flow management platforms. Leveraging proprietary machine learning technologies, is the only SaaS solution that provides custom AI company recommendations, AI predictive insights, and deal-flow management, all in one place. 

Identify your targets faster and stay ahead of your competitors. 

Why use Artificial Intelligence for investing?

With increasing competition, especially from those with custom in-house data solutions, traditional sourcing methods are no longer enough. Investment professionals today need to be proactive in identifying the best opportunities. 

Sourcing is the most time-intensive step in the deal flow process, and yet identifying the right company at the origination stage contributes to 60% of an investment’s returns. uses Natural Language Processing and other Machine Learning algorithms to not only acquire company data at scale but make sense of it for you. Through contextual analysis and AI company classification, recognizes new companies and gets data about them before anyone else—and that means you do too. knows you better than you know yourself.